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Ninja’s Participation in GLOBAL HACKATHON at GINZA hosted by NEO & QRC!

Hello everyone!
This week I participated GLOBAL HACKATON competition which was held from 13th April to 15th April sponsored by NEO & QRC.
I think some of you knew about that, it was an event for development where engineers and web designers gather together and form teams where they share their ideas and technologies making more creative products, services, business models and took part in contest which was held for limited period of time.
In that event it was a great learning experience because everyone has come with many ambitious attitudes towards business and new things.

Team Tebura also took part with an idea which were represented in a colorful way.

On the first day we had greetings and presentation with everyone and also it seems that there was time to make instant team at the Hackaton Place. After the arrival of judges the CEO of Ninja asked lots of questions. Though NEO is a Chinese company there was a barrier of Chinese Language understanding but Tebura is a company which consists of members from different countries as a result Tebura has Xena a Chinese Interpreter who helps to understand everything smoothly and helps team co-ordination at the same time.

On the second day of competition, there was a tasks of programming, design works, lots of chatting, arose of problem, modifications and and so on. Tebura team was working with the elements of future business development theme.

We are looking forward for your continuous support.
Tebura General Tourism Association

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