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Coinbase plugin tried by myself that can settle Bitcoin in 30 minutes!

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I have read the following articles and tried little bit and I could easily implement Coinbase plugin.
This time I am selling Kanae Coin on test basis in order to make the dream true. It would be great that the coin named after my wife’s name Kanae so that the dream would come true.

Coinbase Launches a PayPal Like Plugin For Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/02/10/coinbase-launches-paypal-like-plugging-ethereum-bitcoin-bitcoin-cash-litecoin/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=-coinbase-introduces-merchant-plugin-fo


To get first access follow the link

Coinbase Commerce https://commerce.coinbase.com/


After signup and enter recovery details etc. the administration section will be displayed. Click on Accept Payment button to decide whether to sell or donate.

This time I choose sell and tried to sell Kanae Coin at 100 YEN.

You can copy the link to avoid any types of problem. You can copy it as https://commerce.coinbase.com is not attached so you need to attach it here. If I added a different item then the URL will be different between embedded one and current one but embedded one would be accurate. You would be scared of using it.


This URL is for embedded one same as current one: https://commerce.coinbase.com

Click to go to the coin base payment page and entered my name and e-mail.

Selected cryptocurrency that would be used to settle deal.

At the time of selecting cryptocurrency MetaMask started work automatically and set gas price 30 (high).

When the transaction would be done then it would be shown on etherscan even it would confirm.

Go to etherscan and click on view my payment. It has not yet confirmed.


Though Gas price set 30 the transaction confirmed in 1 minute.

Click on view receipt to go to the screen given below

Click on Advanced details to go to Etherscan for more details

The End

Post script 23rd February 2018

Bug report: Some Android browser this may not displayed. Although this is not a bug, withdraw is not implemented.
(passphrase, Myetherwallet. remittance etc is possible)

Postscript 28th February 2018.
Since it seems that one address can be set for each settlement, if you cannot find the transaction please click on more address in the lower right of the image below to find it.

[PR] Tebura ICO page has been renewed

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