Tebura is a reservation web app to find the location on where you can deposit your luggage through web.

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In Tebura, deposit with the location owner, the percentage of donation to the social business "job site business for low-income people of Bangladesh". It has become a choice of structure. from a minimum of 10%.

By this system, deposit to location owner, tourists are contributing to the society, you can have a little good feeling for sightseeing. In addition, as about 300 yen will be donated, with that money, it is possible to deliver one work to the poor people.

One luggage for One job. One of the luggage, will deliver one work to Bangladesh.


Baggage claim.

Uchikanda ,Chiyoda-ku

Baggage claim.

Roppongi ,Minato-ku 


Customer Voice

Customer 1
40 years old Japanese woman from Singapore

I was carrying a heavy suitcase while I was going to a tour, I found a place to leave it and it was helpful.
By this favor, we were able to enjoy the empty-handed tourism. When the app is possible, I think you would like to use it by all means.

Customer 2
22 years old Japanese woman from domestic region

I was looking for 20 minutes in the Ginza Station, but didn’t find a locker. I was saved, because I accidentally found a place to leave my luggage.
When the application is available, use it without a fail.

Hearing of deposit location owners

hearing 1
IT company management Airbnb homestay management (2 properties owned)

Since it was noted the property operation of airbnb (Guest houses) from the real estate agency, as it was the place where income was reduced, we want to use in order to increase the revenue.

hearing 2
Sendagi - Yakitori Shop

Because the opening is charged from 18 o'clock carried out from morning, by utilizing the meantime space, we want to raise the sales. Since this app is complete, It was the decisive factor of the use is that English may not speak. Food and beverage industry, because it is low margin, and sales go up any day 10,000 yen, to use in the long term.

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